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Not-So-Wordless Wednesday... 
19th-Mar-2008 01:37 pm
kiss, ned, chuck, kids

This is an ordinary coffee mug...



It is actually a planter, home to my latest horticultural endeavour.


I think I caught spring fever. One day I just had to grow something, so I ran to Wal*Mart's Garden Center, bought the planter and some viola seeds, and got my green thumb on.


I planted the seeds on Friday (and had a few left over so I just tossed them on top, to see what would happen). This is what I've go now. Yay for the super awesome lens power on Cannon Rebels!



Here is my planter in it's natural habitat, on the window sill by my guitar stand.


And here is Callum, almost finished. He just needs a collar, but I'm thinking of giving him a hood, instead. He's named after this Callum, mostly because Callum is really a great name, and the aran pattern made me think "Callum" for some reason, but also because that Callum is really, really, really, ridiculously attractive. And because the bulk of the knitting was done whilst watching episodes of Dead Like Me and The Tudors. The cardigan (which will have toggles instead of a zipper) is a bit too long, and a bit too big, even though I knit it on needles a size smaller than the pattern called for. I still love it, though. It fits my brother better than it fits me, but he thinks it looks "girly," so it is most certainly mine!


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